Who we Are

CETUR is a non-profit organization created in order to promote touristic development of La Cruz canton, as well as the entrepreneurs that would like to develop in the tourism industry. We work through alliances with public and private institutions like the municipality, CINDE, ICT, Costa Rica por Siempre association , among others. Because we seek to foster an integrated and collective governance model that promotes Sustainable touristic activities.


We are a chamber of tourism entrepreneurs, we negotiate tools for the strengthening of the sector, with the purpose of promoting La Cruz canton as a new sustainable touristic destination which offers geological, archaeological, historical, biodiverse and multi climate attractions. We offer unique and memorable experiences for local and international visitors in benefit of our associates and the community.


To be the best tourism organization of the North Pacific of Costa Rica that works in a committed manner to improve the economic conditions of our associates and of La Cruz Canton.


• Commitent
• Honesty
• Teamwork
• Ethics
• Respect

CETUR Objectives

Strengthening the associate´s skills: Strengthen the associate´s skills with the purpose of improving the business management and to provide quality services at the destination.

Formalization of the companies associated to the chamber: Promote the formalization of the companies(electronic invoice, MEIC registration, patents, permits, tourism declaration) as a competitive factor or advantage of the destination.

Management of businesses and financial resources: To operate the Corporate Center of Services of the Chamber and negotiate other sources of financing that guarantees the chamber´s sustainability.

Marketing and communication: To design a marketing and communication strategy for the chamber and to implement the actions that allow the positioning of the destination and the good communication with the different segments of interest, among them, the chamber´s associates.

Good Sustainability practices: To promote good environmental, social and economic practices that guarantees the sustainability and the image of the businesses at the destination.

Political incidence and investment management: To accomplish the necessary spaces of incidence that allow placing in the agenda of the related public institutions and private organizations, subjects that will benefit the destination, among them, the attraction of investment.

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