Know La Cruz


Its geographical location has made it a living witness of historical facts, a privileged observer of Costa Rican history. It has been through its history an access gate where conquerors and indigenists, dictators and insurgents and revolutionary movements fought in duel. Land of roads and trails. The entrance and departure door of Costa Rica, first by the forgotten mules road, followed years later by the royal road and the herding route and in the second half of XX century, the Interamerican highway and of course the marine routes that began or ended in the famous Puerto Soley and that united La Cruz with the rest of the country because all of this roads were impassable in the rainy season. The place is a natural transitional biological corridor where the high and low altitudes collide and the tropical rainforests typical from the Atlantic intertwined with tropical dry forests of the Pacific coast. And its here where the forests and the sabanas end to give space to the marine ecosystems of the mangroves, estuaries, beaches, and islands…bordered by geological formations that emerged millions of years ago. Here , on these seas you can practice all aquatic activities and sports: from sport fishing kite surfing to whale watching and other cetaceans.

And this wonderful natural and cultural heritage can be appreciated because La Cruz proposed to become an ecological sanctuary of protected parks and areas, marine and terrestrial, more than 50 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of national parks and marine and terrestrial conservation areas are enough proof that the visitor will be able to observe the land and the sea in the most pristine state of conservation.

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