Beach and Sun Activities


Kite Surf

At Papaturro and Copal beaches, located in Bahia Salinas, this spectacular sport may be practiced. Thanks to the strong east trade winds, that strongly blow and push the kite surfer to navigate and ride the waves of a special area to practice this sport.

Wind Surfing

Bahia Salinas is considered by experts as one of the best sites for wind surfing. The strong winds handle this gear freely through the inlet, making of it a safe site for this sport lovers.

Sport Fishing

In this wonderful blue coast, bordered by beaches and cliffs is a unique place for sport fishing. The region is an immense protected ecosystem, terrestrial and marine, where fishing reaches its climax with the beauty of its coasts and richness of the sea. To fish in these waters is an unparalleled luxury.

Scuba Dive

In La Cruz coastline you will find beautiful and spectacular sites to practice scuba diving, like Bahia Santa Elena Marine Area of management, Muñecos Island and Murcielago Island, ideal for the scuba diving lovers because they can submerge in these pristine waters, kept on their original state and are a living paradise and unaltered of marine biodiversity.

Whale and Dolphin watching

And as the people of La Cruz say, “pa que no le falte”(so you don´t miss nothing) tourists that navigate these coasts may get the surprise of their lives with the possibility of : “ Whale and dolphin watching” in areas like Muñecos Island, Bahia Salinas, Bahia Junquillal. Without a doubt, one if the best activities that can be done in the oceans of La Cruz.

Horseback riding tours

Can´t miss horseback riding tours. The history of La Cruz is a history of cowboys, here we call them “sabaneros”(people from the sabana). Horseback riding tours through the trails that once rode the old “sabaneros” is an adventure to the past, spiced by beautiful landscapes and rich fauna and flora that characterizes the tropical dry forest. Keep your eyes wide open to observe different species of tropical birds, reptiles and even monkeys.

ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) tours

Riding through a series of forests, mountains, plains, and beaches that provide beautiful scenery and exceptional characteristics for the driving of ATVs. This activity offers the tourists a safe and thrilling access to some of the prettiest landscapes of the country.


The gastronomy from La Cruz or “cruceña” is a rich mixture of colors and flavors of Costarican and Nicaraguan origin, also, it is influenced by three variants: the native, the Spanish and the African. So you can enjoy a varied gastronomy in seafood dishes as well as in traditional dishes.
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