Carlos OrtizCliente
When he arrived to La Cruz his first impression was fascinating over the views to the bay, also he emphasized that the roads need better maintenance and that of course, all the green areas found in La Cruz are beautiful and Majestic worth admiring.
Didi de San Juan del SurCliente
I stay delighted of the area, and she explained that Nature and the views are fascinating and that she would like to have visa to come more often and keep admiring our beautiful places.
Franceco de ItaliaCliente
He explained that the area of La Cruz is very beautiful, that is a town safe and tranquil and that the beaches are close by and that they are beautiful. He told us an anecdote from 2019, he was coming from Rajada Beach and in the middle of the hill the bus got stranded so police men gave him a ride, he found that was a great gesture because no other police will do it.
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