Otto RojasMiembro
Joined CETUR as a necessity to belong to an organization with clear ideas about the development of Sustainable tourism, with members in motion and entrepreneurship to do.
Manuel Alan TinocoMiembro
To convert La Cruz into a touristic destination is a complicated issue, and if to this purpose we add that the destination is Sustainable and also that it doesn´t lose its cultural identity. This is a complicated task, and we can only achieve it with a strong organization and with a clear vision and long term like CETUR.
Yamileth CantonMiembro
I am in the chamber to work, for a Sustainable development, planned in harmony with the environment and for the success of the businesses specially the ones in tourism.
Manuel Alan FonsecaMiembro
CETUR was planned and works for the canton´s touristic promotion hand in hand with de strengthening of the businesses and all of those that would like to work in this industry, for that we work hand in hand with the local government, the ICT, and all of those institutions with productive mentality.
Fernando Ortiz y Doris AlanMiembro
We are part of CETUR because we believe in the objectives and the conviction of the mentioned chamber.CETUR has become an important support for the tourism businesses of the canton, has achieved important contributions and advances, it is a chamber that thinks in an integral manner, we decided to be part because provides opportunities and anticipates to possible setbacks and that makes us feel supported and secure.
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